What do you do when business isn’t fun anymore? When your well of growth ideas has run dry?

You listen to podcasts, at double speed.

Hear me out. (See what I did there?) You should feel energized and inspired every day growing the company you built. That founder’s fire you felt long ago? Stoke it up daily with other founders’ stories.

These three podcasts interview entrepreneurs just like you who took ideas and ran with them straight through all the hurdles in their way:

  • Bar Napkin Business: Lincoln companies like Bulu Box, Evol Empire, Haymarket Developers, SP Group, and Paper Kite.
  • How I Built This: Huge past and present companies like Angie’s List, AirBnB, Atari, Compaq Computers, Southwest Airlines, and Spanx.
  • Startup: Season-long deep dives on one company’s ups, downs, and yet more downs before the ups again.

Listen at double speed

Why double speed? It:

  1. Holds your attention because it uses more brain power.
  2. Gets you done in half the time.
  3. Lets you cut back your media diet elsewhere, giving you time to work on your business.

“I can’t listen to podcasts because I get distracted.” I’ve heard that from so many owners to whom I’ve given the double-speed tip. Yes, you can. The double speed’s going to prevent distraction because your brain won’t have enough processor cycles left to run the “Ooh, squirrel!” or shiny object programs. Trust me—I see shiny squirrels all. The. Time. Except when I’m listening to podcasts.

Podcasts are the only way you can effectively multitask

Everyone’s heard that multitasking is a fool’s errand; you’re hurting yourself and your business every time you try it. The one exception, friends, is podcasts. You really can fully engage with the content while doing other things:

  • Exercising
  • Dishes
  • Mowing the lawn (with noise-canceling earbuds)
  • Commuting

(Well, the other exception is audiobooks, but that’s another article.)

Best podcast players

Don’t use the stock podcast player on your phone. Instead, pay a couple bucks for one of these players:

Get that energy and inspiration back

When you hear other entrepreneurs quickly tell you how they turned ideas into super-cool companies, you’ll get energized. You’ll get inspired. Feed your brain enough, and it’ll crank out the next growth idea for your business.