What would 2018 be like if all your employees:

  • Shared your vision?
  • Gained traction: Executing on that vision with discipline and accountability?
  • Worked well together as a healthy and cohesive team?

It might seem like you’d need 136 New Year’s resolutions to get vision, traction, and healthy in your business.

Nope, make just one. Resolve to strengthen the Six Key Components of your business. Below I describe what 100% strong looks like, but that’s unattainable perfection. When you get 80% strong or better, look out. You’re in for a peaceful, profitable, and fun New Year.

Agree or disagree with the following statements to see where you stand:

Vision: With a clear vision, everyone rows in the same direction.

  1. Our leadership team completely agrees on the vision: Who we are; what we do and why we do it; where we’re going; and our marketing strategy and business plan for getting there.
  2. Every employee shares that vision.

People: Define great people for your business, because you can’t achieve your vision without great people.

  1. All our people are the Right People: They share our Core Values.
  2. All our people are in the Right Seats: They Get, Want, and have the Capacity to do the five roles assigned them on our Accountability Chart.

Data: Bring ego-free, personality-free information to your company.

  1. We review our Scorecard weekly: Five to 15 activity-based, leading indicators that predict the quarterly results we want.
  2. All employees have at least one number they’re held accountable for hitting weekly.

Issues: Successful people are just really good at solving their Issues.

  1. Every team keeps an Issues List of problems and opportunities, and all team members regularly add to it.
  2. Every team uses the Identify-Discuss-Solve tool to set Issues up, knock them down, and make them go away forever.

Process: Process makes your business more consistent, predictable, and peaceful, so you can scale it to any size.

  1. We’ve identified and documented, at a high level, our six to 10 Core Processes—our way of doing business.
  2. All our people follow our Core Processes.

Traction: Execute on your vision with discipline and accountability.

  1. All our people have at least one Rock: A 90-day priority that’s a concrete piece of the company Vision.
  2. All our teams meet weekly to hold each other accountable and solve a lot of Issues.

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