A roofing company owner asked me, “What do you know about our industry?”

“Nothing. On purpose,” I replied.

As I told this prospective client, I’m an expert at helping entrepreneurial leadership teams get everything they want from their businesses. I’ve mastered a proven, complete system with a set of simple, practical tools that help any business get:

  • Vision: All your people on the same page with where you’re going, and how to get there.

  • Traction: Your people execute on the vision with discipline and accountability.

  • Healthy: Your people work really well together, and actually like each other.

What do I know about my client EyeCare Specialties’ work: Providing the best eye exams, eyeglasses, and contact lenses available in Lincoln? Not much. I wear glasses, but I’m neither a doctor of optometry, nor a trained optician. I’m a doctor of Traction, if you will, and a trained facilitator, teacher, and coach.

The EyeCare Specialties leadership team has the industry expertise to answer all their own questions—trust me. (I can’t believe I get to work with such smart, passionate people!) As a facilitator, I know the answer’s in the room, all the time. My job’s just to get it out of people’s heads and into the plan, so they can go execute.

Professional EOS® Implementers like me have worked with more than 5,400 companies in every conceivable industry. Right now I’m working with the following industries besides optical …

  • Law: Berry Law Firm

  • Advertising/Marketing: Bulu Box

  • Health Insurance: ComPro

  • Fiber Internet and Managed Services: Bluestem Fiber

  • Aerospace Materials Virtual Testing (!): MultiMechanics

I don’t know much about any of those industries. (Especially that last one. Holy buckets!)

I stay away on purpose from industry expertise and only focus every day on Entrepreneurial Operating System® mastery. I’m not an answer man, a guru, or a strategist; if you’re looking for those, I’m not the guy for you. But if you’re looking for someone who’s devoted his life to helping entrepreneurs, I’m your guy.

I guarantee results for any industry. Pay me at the end of the day if you’ve seen value; if you haven’t, please don’t pay me. There are never any retainers, contracts, or other complications. We take it one day at a time.

So what’s more important to you: Industry expertise, or mastery of simple tools and techniques that help you turn your expertise into success?

Ultimately you’ve got to decide for yourself, and it’s easy to do. Just schedule a free 90-Minute Meeting with me. I’ll show your entire leadership team exactly how implementing a proven, complete system will:

  • Get all your people on the same page with where you’re going and how you plan to get there;

  • Get them executing on your vision and plan with discipline and accountability; and

  • Get you a healthy and cohesive team that really wants to do the work for you.

Ready? I’ve got a few slots available this month; grab one at gear80.co/get-started.