If you own a business, you need to be in a peer group for your happiness and mental health.

You need to regularly get perspective from people who have also thrown up Thursday night because they couldn’t make payroll Friday morning. There’s just no substitute for the camaraderie of fellow business owners who have been there and thrown up that.

And, you’ll get strategic advantage as well. One Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) member I know secured PPE supplies for his franchised business several weeks before the national franchisor even saw the Covid-19 crisis coming. That’s because his EO sisters and brothers did see the crisis coming well in advance.

EO Nebraska Membership Chair Steve Kunkel was our guest speaker on a June 12, 2020 live Zoominar. Steve owns Stonebrook Exteriors and is passionate about seeing his fellow business owners actually enjoy owning their businesses.

Zoominar Recording

Zoominar Transcript

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John Fulwider  01:23

Good morning, it is 8am. And this is your zoom in our business owner peer groups with Steve conkel, membership Chair of the entrepreneurs organization, Nebraska. I am your host, John Fulwider. And it’s just a real delight to have you here this morning. In a few moments, I’m going to introduce Steve after I let you know that i as your host in here to speak to two groups of people, one basically business owners of all types and then also business owners and my clients who use what’s called EOS, the entrepreneurial operating system. It is a business operating system that lets you get all the right people in the right seats, get your processes perfected and as a result, increase your profit. Stick around after the interview with Steve if you would like to learn more and if you don’t want to know No hard feelings. I’ve got a couple of zoom and ARS coming up. This one will be of a special interest to EOS running companies or companies that are thinking about running Eos. Within Eos. We have this key function this key seat called the integrator. The integrator is the one who seamlessly integrates the work of the major functions in the business, executes on the plan, makes the trains run on time, solves day to day problems, speaks up when there’s an accountability issue, and perhaps most importantly, frees up the visionary who’s typically the owner of the company to operate in her or his unique ability, which often is being 100 miles out front and 10 years ahead of the company, looking for the next opportunity while the integrator is in the office running the day today. So there’s spend a lot of mystery about integrators, visionaries, hear this and go, Oh my gosh, this sounds like a unicorn. Get me some of that. And what we have coming up on June 26, at 8am is two gentlemen with more than a decade of experience placing integrators at EOS running firms. So Mike and Tony are the visionary and the integrator, who actually recruited and placed the integrator for EOS worldwide. You know, the organization that invented the concept of integrator so you can trust their data, you can trust their experience. That’s June 26, at 8am. And then I’m super excited about this. We just booked this yesterday, my great friend Gina trimarco, who is a second city trained improv comedian, founder of an improv comedy theater and a nationally known speaker and trainer. Improving your business communication and sales skills with improv techniques is going to give us a little taster of an online program she’s running to help you improve your communication skills, improve your selling skills, and basically just show up in a more engaging way. On zoom. That is July 10, at 8am. All right, with that we are back to our guest for today, which is Steve conkel. Steve again is membership Chair of entrepreneurs organization, which is a business owners peer group and International Federation of business owners who share a desire to excel in their business, right excel in their personal lives. And they do that through a number of different tools, one of which Steve and I are going to dive into deep, which is the forum that’s where you have the camaraderie of a small group of fellow entrepreneurs having that just irreplaceable bond with other business owners who have also perhaps struggled with whether they’re going to make payroll on Thursday night dry heaving that night. There’s no replacing friends, the camaraderie of people who have been there and thrown up that Steve Kunkel is also co founder and president of stone brick exterior, and he is passionate about seeing other business owners enjoy business ownership. So with that, let’s welcome Steve conkel. This is going to be an interview format where I’m going to ask Steve a bunch of questions I’ve prepared that said we would love to have your questions instead of mine. So please type those into the q&a box down in your little zoom controls. You’ll see various things participants, you know, mute yourself in Everything. And then there’s these little speech bubbles called q&a. If you could type your questions there, man that would help us so much and ask them any time. We want this to be a back and forth. We want to cover what you are interested in. So I’m going to stop my share here. Make Steve go fullscreen. All right. Good morning, Steve. Tell us how you got involved in eo.


Steve Kunkel  07:26

First off done. Hey, thank you for having me this morning. Welcome, everybody. I appreciate that being here and discussing to do um, it was an amazing organization. We have amazing things that come from Meo. Starting off on my journey started Neo in 2017. I was recommended by a friend of mine, and I eventually started discussing everything about eo with several of my Business entrepreneur peer group in I can tell you it was an overwhelming Yes. To the point that some of them had said it was who had been in the Ico for 18 years and said it was the greatest thing they’ve ever done for their business. So the journey started in 2017 with a simple referral from a friend.


John Fulwider  08:27

Yeah, great. And well, what were maybe two or three things that really made it an overwhelming, yes, what appealed to you?


Steve Kunkel  08:36

So, you know, we get involved in so many of these network groups and hey, you know, let’s do business together this and that. Let’s meet for coffee on Thursday morning, and I’ll bring a lead you bring a lead or so on and so forth. And eo is not a networking system. And that probably was the single most handedly, hey, we’re not a networking site. We’re a peer to peer organization where entrepreneurs can collectively share information in a completely 100, say, confidential environment. And that really sparked some interest in me knowing as a growing business, I needed some assistance from other entrepreneurs that have been there, or that were seeking the same experience that I was.


John Fulwider  09:27

Yeah, talking about that confidential environment to talk about the challenges of being a business owner. Right? We we hear this, this saying, right, it’s almost a cliche, it’s, it’s lonely at the top. Tell me how lonely is it at the top, what’s the experience of loneliness that you’ve endured, right as a business owner.


Steve Kunkel  09:53

So, you know, a lot of the times in our most of the time in our lives, we live in the 90% Kyle of where we’re working our lives. You know, we don’t work in the we don’t operate a lot in the 5% highs and the 5% lows. We don’t share that information with our friends, it’s hard to ARD for a friend understand exactly what it is whether I’m going to make payroll on next Thursday or whether we’re meeting our quotas, or whether revenues down this quarter next quarter what our projections are looking like, most of my friends really don’t aren’t interested in hearing those types of numbers, nor can I go home and explain things to my wife because the last thing she wants to hear is me dumping my business on to her. Um, and, you know, just the challenges of business. You know, entrepreneurs are different sorts of business owners. We have so many different challenges from day to day. add that. It’s hard to, it’s hard to explain that to people that aren’t entrepreneurs and people that are living in that moment every day.


John Fulwider  11:11

Yeah, you alluded to a key concept, which you’ve called living in the 5%. Right? The fire sent that’s kind of like the lowest lows, which you just covered. And the 5%. That’s the highest highs. Tell me what it means to talk with other business owners about the highest highs.


Steve Kunkel  11:34

So what’s great about it is you know, so hey, if I if I had a $3 million deal today or something like that, and I can call and celebrate with my fellow viewers, and say, Hey, guys, listen, we just hit something that’s gonna make our quarter. The margins are huge. It’s something that you know, I’m not going out and taking that to my friends or even My wife, it’s like sometimes people feel that bragging. Or you know, hey, listen, I went out and bought a new Ferrari today. I’ll let that happen today. But I can I can share that type of information with, with my peers in eo and not feel that I’m bragging or not feel that I’m trying to be somebody I’m not because you want to share those great things. Yeah, we like to focus on issues. But being able to share successes is good salt makes feel better.


John Fulwider  12:37

Let’s talk about focusing on issues. That’s something that you do within your eo forum. Just explain to us what the eo forum is.


Steve Kunkel  12:47

So the forum for Mineo, I feel is one of the largest takeaways from being an eo. So basically a forum is comprised of Six to 10 individuals and very of various businesses. And we meet once a month for 11 months and then one month we take a retreat. This year we are actually in May heading down headed down to St. JOHN. And unfortunately we that was a has to be redirected. But the thing about the thing about forum is, when we’re together, we first go through what we call a update. Now the update starts off with the health and wellness of our mind our benefit accounts, our family and our friends and community. And then we go into the updates of basically the same thing that says okay, here are the 5% highs within my family and here are the 5% lows do I have issues and those 5% that I really need to discuss today that are very urgent, that will make a difference in my business decisions, my decisions with my family or decisions in my personal life. And then just like an EOS process, we go through and look at all these issues. And the moderator picks out two issues that we will present on. And from that we have several different formats of presenting with the coach and the individual that is the presenter. And basically we walked through the issue, similar to very similar to an IDS and we identify, we discuss and we don’t solve what we do, however, is we provide experience share and because any Oh One of the big things about eo is not being the smartest person in the room. You know, I’ve owned a business for 17 years now. grew it from a small little shack and Carleton, Nebraska to a business across several states. And I’m definitely not the smartest individual in the room. I’ve been very fortunate. But any Oh, the experience share is something that we basically would have somebody would call it advice, but it’s not. It’s saying, Hey, this is what happened to me during a time in my life where I have the same experience that you’re having now. And that really gives an individual an opportunity to make his own decision to pave his own way or her own way. And it’s a great way to share information without trying to direct somebody to gender that you You may have,


John Fulwider  16:01

yeah, it’s a key distinction in the way that you do issue solving within IE, you present a situation and the great thing is that in a group of six 710, folks, somebody else has experienced somewhat of a similar situation. And so they can give you perspective that jogs your own thinking and helps you make your best decision. They’ll tell you well, here’s what from experience. I did. And there’s also that prohibition about we, we don’t speak in terms of theory, right, we just speak of experience, right. And let me just jump in for a second and say that the way that this all fits in for those EOS fans entrepreneurial operating system fans on the call is this is issue solving and vision clarifying for The visionary right at a high level, the visionary is going to use her or his eo forum to simplify and clarify their vision, right? And then with the ideas a little bit straighter in their head, you’re then going to go into your same page meeting with your integrator or perhaps directly to your leadership team to get that decision executed. Right. So yes, clarify with your fellow entrepreneurs. Get perspective, right, make a tentative or maybe even a full decision right, and then go get it executed. That’s the bridge between e o and e. o ‘s. Right. So what are let’s get into system specifics in your experience. Can you tell us like one or two stories of an issue your eo forum helped you solve In your business at Stony


Steve Kunkel  18:01

Brook? Yes, I can. So you know, we have stone Brook, we’re a company that’s grown on average 39% per year since its conception, which tells us to ride near the edge of success and or failure because cash flow is always an issue when you’re growing company I’m in. I’m an individual that I like taken on a lot in life, you know. And the more I’ve been involved in eo and the thing that he owes provided me is the sense of being able to manage some of those day to day challenges that I might have when I’m taking on several businesses. I can tell you through forum I’ve learned sharing my experience Okay, I have this one business, I’m running, I have another business, I’m started and I just bought another business, I’ve been able to understand a little bit more ways of, Hey, this is how you can manage simplify life. And give back to what your focus is to make sure that you’re not overwhelming yourself or the people around you. And what that is probably to do is enabled me to focus on the business that is single handedly the most profitable and reduce my involvement in others and or let some of those businesses go and match what I have done over the last six months. And that that helped me tremendously. Some of the other things is in you. The one thing that’s amazing about the forum and the presentation process, not only do you gain a strong amount of feedback for if you’re presenting, but if you’re one of the fellow members in the forum, you all of a sudden say, you know what,


John Fulwider  20:14

I can apply these experiences,


Steve Kunkel  20:16

chairs shares to my life, because I didn’t realize that I really am going through the same things is that individual or Wow, those those tax incentives, those things that these guys are doing, I can apply that to my business and make some money that I didn’t realize was an opportunity prior to the presentation.


John Fulwider  20:42

Yeah, so so forum not only helps the person who’s kind of on the hot seat processing an issue, but it also helps everybody else in the room as they may be surface issues, or even opportunities right that they didn’t realize they had.


Steve Kunkel  20:59

Yes, most Definitely. And once we’re done with the presentation, we go around the room and we share takeaways, and even sharing the takeaway. Someone might say, wow, I did not realize that that individual took that away. I’m gonna write that down in my takeaway. And did I agree with that same thing that I’m pulling from this experience share also,


John Fulwider  21:22

you share takeaways, right? Is there an action component where you declare a to do and then the group holds you accountable to whether you took that action when you come back?


Steve Kunkel  21:37

No, there really isn’t that accountability, accountability, and he Oh, it’s time making sure that you are providing your time to the forum that everyone in that forum is providing time together. So as far as accountability for to dues or rocks, we we typically don’t have any of that. Now that doesn’t mean that your forum mates aren’t to come back and say, Hey, how are you doing with this, this did not work out well from you, because they want to know if something that you learned in forum was applied, that an individual learning form was applied to their business and how it works. Because understanding that and understanding whether a system is working or not, can provide definitely a great amount of opportunity for yourself.


John Fulwider  22:26

Right, right. And so even with the entrepreneurs organization is one type of business owner peer group. There are other types. For instance, my friend, Janet Walker, she’s a Vistage chair with this stage. And with Vistage, you also have what’s called a board of fellow entrepreneurs, where it’s facilitated by an executive coach, in this case, Janet Walker, and there is more formal to do and rock accountability where you’re asked by your Group and you’re also asked by your executive coach, did you actually do it? That right there is another key difference between eo and Vistage in that eo is member lead and member moderated. Right. There’s a, there’s a rotating sort of moderator for your eo forum. Whereas with something like one of Janet Walker’s Vistage groups, it’s going to be Jan Walker as the moderator. Let’s go back to another kind of issue that being family and personal matters, entrepreneurship puts a tremendous amount of stress on your family. You’ve told me Steve, that AEO has allowed you to be more present with your family, when you’re with them. How does that work?


Steve Kunkel  23:53

Because, you know, so any, we do a lot of focus on invasive Yo yo you can get out of yo whether you want to you know, you can take the way the business you can take away family, you can take away personal. I like to try to stay in a medium to make sure I’m gaining traction on all three of those different areas of my life. We’ve actually on a retreat had an individual come and provide us with some marital guidance, which was great and enlightening. Now I can tell you some of those things. My wife is like, Hey, don’t be doing those 10 tricks on me because I know what you’re doing now with that, but in the same regard, I’ve learned how to cope with my issues at home. I’m a guy with four kids in at home and too often away. But so we definitely have busy times and sometimes it’s trying and when you’re wanting to be on the phone all night with your fellow co workers or your team members. what it’s all about allowed me to understand is when I can leave, work at work home At home, and be able to move away from the challenges I face on a day to day basis at work and invest more time into my wife and my kids and be present with them when I’m at home. And it’s it really has enabled me to grow as a father and as a husband, being able to move from work to home as an entrepreneur. You know, I always say we’re always on vacation, we’re always working. But the eo is in the experiences I’ve shared with some of the individuals in my forum and some of the people that I’ve met along the way is given me the tools and particularly to leave more Work at work because I’ve done the things throughout my day and managed my time appropriately. So I know that when I’m at home I can be present with my kids. Amazing and that that’s one of the things that I talked to individuals about when they discuss you know, I really don’t have time for you. I just there’s so many things in my life I’m doing right now I don’t know if I have time to pile something else on my plate. And my comeback to that is that is precisely why you need to do because what eo does provide you as an ability to manage time, manage areas in your life so you can have quality time when you with those matter most.


John Fulwider  26:51

Yeah, and Steve, I run into the same challenges right when I’m recruiting people to give EOS a try. They say oh my god, that sounds Sounds like a lot. It sounds like just one more thing on my plate. And the reality is that when you have a business operating system like eo s, it allows you to do the work that you’re already doing more effectively, more efficiently. And it actually saves time. I mean, you know yourself from using the level 10 meeting that that eliminates a whole bunch of other meetings. So you get you’re at time in your week, and there’s always that challenge of like, it sounds kind of pitchy, though. You know, it sounds like you’re trying to sell something like oh, yeah, man that no, this isn’t, you know, an overwhelming burden that’s going to crush you. It’s going to be all rainbows and unicorns, on the other side of this hate So, audience, man, thanks for sticking with us air and Anthony, Dave, john, Mark, Matt. Paul, it is tremendous to panel view here. I know a couple of you are in peer groups of your own. We would love to hear some calls. questions from you type them into the q&a box. You’ll see that little bit to the right of your mute and stop video buttons. Please ask questions. Hey, I’m about halfway done with my questions, everything. So if we run out, right, Steve and I are just going to start talking about the weather and the camping trips that we’re going to go on let’s, let’s keep this focused on business here. Alright, so another benefit of eo you’ve got the eo forums, that’s the that’s the intense issue solving with a small group of peers. And then you’ve got the opportunity to learn new tools at chapter events. You for instance, learned about culture index through an eo chapter event. What What was that like? And what difference has that made in your business?


Steve Kunkel  28:49

So culture index, and I don’t know how many of you know what culture index is. A culture index is a system that allows you to understand individuals in your company along with the EOS system have a right person right seat and evaluating that. Culture indexes another opportunity that gives you a very clear understanding of whether an individual is built or built up through character through their, the way they operate as an individual, their great traits and their unfortunate traits that are not so successful. But what culture index does is it measures your ability to your competitive ability. It measures your basically social ability and measures your ability to interact with individuals, your patience and your willingness to get better. Done. Now an individual like me, I am highly competitive, and I’m highly social. However, when my patience and my ability to get things done drops off drastically, because I am a 20 idea Guy 20 Big Idea guy, that I’m the guy that brings the fish to the hook. But if you asked me to reel it in, I’ll tell you, I’m not the guy. And so, in, in these chapter events, you know, you learn and you meet things, you meet individuals that are of the highest level in the industry, for being culture index training, in different things such as that, but what that has allowed us to do is apply culture index to the individuals in our company and learn that, hey, we’ve got some people that are wrong, right, right people wrong seat and it really allows us to get the best out of our individuals, on these cultures, the chapter events are amazing. You know, basically sales marketing operations. We had Mark Cuban speak to us as far as a global event A few weeks ago, but the takeaway was amazing from that. And those type of events are another thing in eo that gives you an opportunity to apply different things to your business and or your home life.


John Fulwider  31:35

Yeah, I think what I like about about eo chapter events is this idea that, you know, it’s possible for me to go to some Industry Association event and see Mark Cuban’s speak, you know, maybe I go to maybe I go to a, a roofing Products Association meeting or whatever, and there’s a culture index speaker There. But the cool thing about eo chapter events is everybody in your chapter in your forum is kind of experiencing the same thing. And so you’ve got a ready made group of people who know you and you know your business. And you can just have that conversation with them faster, right? Because it’s the same thing in the same context.



Okay, we have got also,


John Fulwider  32:25

we’ve got a question. Let’s, what do you got question? So, so Matt Firestone says, I looked into EEO and there are minimum revenue levels for companies to be admitted into eo What are your recommendations for companies that don’t meet these revenue levels yet?


Steve Kunkel  32:42

So currently in the Oh, there, there is a currently in iOS Nebraska, we do not have a we do not have a existing opportunity for or companies that are lower than 1 million that are doing revenue lower than $1 million. However, there had been a system called the accelerator program, which takes individuals who are doing with revenue lower than a million dollars and basically guides them through some very similar forum and iOS steps. And they will tell you this the current predator, the incoming president, from you, any owner, Nebraska went through that program. And he’s got amazing businesses and things have grown tremendously. One of the things that I would recommend is meeting an individual such as myself, and we can put you on with some individuals that will call you on a once in a while basis, you know, we’ve had I met some individuals cylinders this year that have been shy of the $1 million mark and continually checking in with them every quarter and sharing some experiences that we’re having in eo and allowing that individual to understand what those experiences are. I’ve actually even taken an individual that wasn’t that didn’t qualify to a chapter event because we can’t invite guests to the chapter and then as a membership chair, I’m pretty much encouraged to bring people into different events like that so they can grow as an individual and a business also, and everybody on the call here


John Fulwider  34:43

said Just a reminder, Steve is the membership chair. He is trying to recruit members for eo I’m going to share your contact information, your email address. He’ll be reaching out to you by email and of course YouTuber, everybody on here as a business owner, your fellow business owners you know, if now’s not the right time Steve can take it just tell him but if it is the right time to have a conversation answer his email, and you know, perhaps one of these days we can get together in person for for beers or a bourbon once, you know, the corn team is a little more fully lifted. Alright, so let’s, let’s talk about the details segwaying off of maths questions, tell me the particulars of yo membership. who qualifies? How do I get started? What’s the time commitment?


Steve Kunkel  35:37

So, you know, we look for individuals that number one, it’s the quality of individual that we’re looking for. Um, I had mentioned the $1 million mark. But number one, we you go to the eo network.org fill out an application and from that point that is set to To the membership chair. And basically I set up an interview, which typically lasts about a half an hour. And what we’re looking for is, again, individuals that have a thirst for learning. individuals that are not the smartest person in the room, individuals that we think would provide great experience, share and ability to listen to a forum mates. And so I go through that we ask a series of questions, everything from your, your dog’s name to what kind of cars you like. And then if that process goes well, and I determined that you would, an individual, a prospect is a good candidate for you, and the candidate and the prospect want to pursue. We basically from there go to public interview, I type up a summary of all the questions that we’ve gone through or everything that I’ve learned about that in individual. Many times I do take a site visit to their business to ensure that everything they have discussed is accuracy. And then we meet with the board and on the board, they put you through an interview. Sometimes it’s grueling. Sometimes it’s sometimes it’s pretty easy. It just depends on how board members have whether they had a great day or whether they’re ready for channel to challenge someone. But um, and in that process, it once someone is accepted, the board votes right then and there that day and I give a call out to an individual and say, Hey, your board approved and then the process has to go through the entire chapter or chapters 100 members strong And at that point, everybody in the chapter is asked if they have any, if there’s any negative feedback about an individual, and we’ve had a couple that did not make it through the chapter because of some different some different issues they had with other chapter members and how they ran their business and whether they were ethical and whether we knew that their time would be able to be dedicated do or not, um, and once it goes through the chapter, then we signed him up for eo global and they get pushed through and then placed them into a forum. Sounds the time


John Fulwider  38:41

standard sounds like a high standard, which appeals to me.


Steve Kunkel  38:45

I was wearing. I want to


John Fulwider  38:47

clarify here, make sure that somebody like me would qualify. You said that you asked the name of their dog. So does that mean that cat people need not apply? You know,


Steve Kunkel  39:01

Only if they have tigers. That’s right.


John Fulwider  39:05

So time commitment. Yeah that’s a concern right?


Steve Kunkel  39:09

Yes time commitment is entrepreneurs you know time is time is precious, but eo is does cost some money, you know, every year. Every year it’s a reoccurring about 4500 to $5,000 charge to join eo it’s about 70 $500. Um, I feel that is pennies in the wealth compared to the knowledge I gained. But entrepreneurs are out there putting the strong monetary investment into it. And not only that, but your fellow forum mates are also investing enormous amount of time in we in our field are allowed to miss one meeting per year. And at that point in time, after missing one meeting, you can be kicked out of the forum. I’ll tell you in 2008 teen 2019 I had two experiences that I, our 2018 I had an experience that I had to miss a forum due to a personal matter with our dogs and being a dog guy. And unfortunately, it was something that I couldn’t couldn’t miss with my spouse. And so I had to miss forum. Well, about two months later, my wife had gotten sick with an infection and it was pretty, pretty scary. there for a while in the hospital. But my wife knew I had to for him. And I had to leave the hospital for a half a day to attend my forum meeting, which was amazing because during that pour meeting, I was unable to be embraced by friends and, you know, for mates that allowed me to march through, you know, the issue in the hospital and get through that, but I knew my commitment and my wife know my commitment to forum at that point in time was very important. I also had an interesting experience where my brother was doing his final flight at airports base he is commanding, was commanding and unfortunately have the dates mixed up. And I was like, I wanted to be there for my brother who’s fighter pilot General, by the way, let’s give props to him. But I wouldn’t be there for its final flight. And it’s airport space and Idaho. And unfortunately, the dates were screwed up. And I had, it was landed on a forum. And because I had missed forum in January with my dogs, I wasn’t able to be there. But I’m okay with that. Because I made a commitment to iOS, I made a commitment to my forum that I’m going to be there. And I’m going to be present to provide experience shared feedback, so those individuals can take away the most from their experiences I want to take away also.


John Fulwider  42:46

Yeah, it sounds like a powerful commitment you have it sounds like a powerful commitment. They have to use that. I’m friends. Anthony, Dave, john, Mark, Matt Paul. It’s time for questions. Let’s grill this guy. Right? What questions do you have? type them in the q&a. And then while they’re thinking about their questions, Steve, what’s a question? I did not ask you that I should have.


Steve Kunkel  43:16

So you know, one of the things that I didn’t cover some of the exact experiences that yo does provide, and I just got off the phone with an individual this morning that was talking to me about his experience, and I asked if I could share his name. His name’s Matt Marchese. And, you know, this, the COVID into the COVID thing. It’s been just crazy for us all as entrepreneurs. We’ve had enormous highs, and we’ve had enormous lows. And it’s been a very trying time for us all. It’s it’s tough sometimes to be present in the home. Um, but you is definitely providing me with the mindset that gives me the ability to navigate this. I had an individual in our forum that was very concerned. Early on, I believe it’s, I believe it was in late January, that he had come to forum and expressed his major concerns of the what were the virus that we were facing. And we’d all shrugged it off a little bit. I instructed, excuse me, I don’t want to speak for anybody else. But we’ve shown that I instructed off a little bit as that can’t happen. I mean, those types of things aren’t going to happen, we’ll be able to squash this no problem. And this individual had started removing money from the stock market had started prepping at home So another individual in our forum, Matt McKenzie, who’s a surf pro guy, now surf Pro. They’re a restaurant Water Restoration, fire restoration and cleaning firm, one of the largest in the world, definitely the largest player and nationally. And so he was able to keep the experience share from the southern individual. And what he did was he went out and bought a significant amount of the high dollar, air intrusion type of ventilation mass systems. So when the time did hit, that he made me to do some cleaning or maybe to do some things. His team was set up. He also went ahead and went to Servpro and went and bought A bunch of chemicals for cleaning and everything. So again, he had all this stock in his business unlike several his business flourished during this market and during this time


John Fulwider  46:16

Yeah, man cuz Matt shared that story with me too, right?


Steve Kunkel  46:21

Yes, he’s a


John Fulwider  46:22

servo franchisee he had a PMP the personal protective equipment and wildfire pro


Steve Kunkel  46:29

corporate did exactly


John Fulwider  46:32

because of the advanced sort of strategic thinking that he was doing with his yo forum. Brothers and sisters. Yeah.


Steve Kunkel  46:42

You know, it’s in the PPP and do you know we are forum we communicate constantly on text message. And the other thing about this is the PvP when PvP started coming into a thought process that this was actually good happen. We were able to extract information in which led to us all having the ability to get our PvP money. Right away. Yeah, which was great had a great impact on most of our businesses. We also consistently share information on how to navigate through the PPP. And I’ll be honest with you, from my experiences and what I’ve learned in Neo, I can, I can easily go to my banker and say, I think what you’re telling me, I really don’t believe it’s accurate. I really think you need to read through that again, because the individuals that I’ve been sharing with and the Oh, we’re getting information from several different firms, from law firms from accounting firms from banks, to be able to provide us an ability to navigate through all the diverse information coming in about the PPP with He’s been successful for most everybody.


John Fulwider  48:03

Right? I want to make a couple of summary comments and I’m going to take a question first from john and then from Matt. So the summary comment is, man, we’re entrepreneurs right everybody on this call is an entrepreneur. We see a problem in the world and we say, Man, nobody else is doing this. I’m going to go fix that right? So there is a natural go it alone tendency among we entrepreneurs, we’re the crazy people who see an opportunity and go after it. Right. And that go it alone. attitude is is powerful and it can also hold us back and so two stories that Steve has just shared with the show that when you don’t go it alone, one you get access to p p e, personal protective equipment, when everybody else is scrambling for it and to you get access to P P P paycheck protection program funds way before they run out, right, which is a powerful advantage of not going in alone but going together. Right. Okay, so john asks the question, what’s the likelihood of an accelerator type option coming back around?



I think that


Steve Kunkel  49:27

I thought we are going to have it for 2020 21. Currently, there’s been discussion about it. But right now, at this point, I can tell you, I’m not certain whether that’s going to be in place, I can get more information on that from our president and see if that is something that they’re looking to push through in the fall of 2020 or early 2021. I do know that there are some avenues out there for mentorship that I definitely can also share with you


John Fulwider  50:00

Yeah. And so that was john Hall grin asking that question. So when you email him the follow up, you can cover that with john and then, john, you know, just, we’re all entrepreneurs, sometimes a little scattered that wouldn’t hurt to remind Steve, that you have that question when you interact by email. Okay, next up is Matt Firestone. Matt asks, Steve, could you clarify something you mentioned earlier? He said something along the lines of being involved in multiple businesses, but now focus most of your efforts on one did you get rid of your interest in the others or just find the right individuals to run those businesses for you while you still own them? Or did you walk away completely so you can focus strictly on stonework exterior?


Steve Kunkel  50:48

So MJ in last year on my wife and I purchased a tear them in the thoughts of having something for girls that are heavily involved in Competitive cheer. And we also have a company called Blue River metal, which is a fabrication company that ships metal to different not only to some of our different markets but also to different distribution centers that we work with on a wholesale program. Um, and then obviously my main business is stone brick exterior, and that’s where I spend much most of my time. Now, what I learned from a component, a competitive cheer gym, you know? Sure, it’s, it’s wonderful to own a business where your kids are able to flourish and be a part of the clientele and love the fact that they now have a playground in their backyard that they can go to and practice however, it was taking enormous amount of my time and in January I sat down with several individuals and started looking at that business whether or not it was really worth the, the basically what I was getting out of it. And I’ll be honest with you, we determined that our family life with my wife and I’s involvement in it was on a slight decline because we’re investing so much time in the business and something that we thought would be great for our kids was actually taken away from our children’s lives. So through my peers, I was able to determine that the monetary allowance that we’re receiving from that business was not worth the pain and suffering going through to our family. And not only that, but take what it was taking away from the business that I was operating which stone brick the similarly on The Blue River side, you know stone, I’m a guy that likes to jump in and some nights say that I’m fatally addicted to growth. However, you know, the there there’s some problems you go through, we go through ads in our businesses where things operating amazingly and then you hit a ceiling and you need to figure out ways to bust through the ceiling. And so a lot of the focus needs to be directed into doing that. And so I basically took some focus off of what I was doing with Blue River metal and read, directed that focus to Stony Brook. And that’s allowed us to do some very good things here in the last two quarters stone Brook.


John Fulwider  53:50

Alright friends, we are coming to the end of our time together. Steve was actually kind enough to drive back into town from a camp trip with his family to do this interview for us. And so we’d like to get him back into the wide open spaces. One last chance for questions. Anybody want to type one really quick, we can take one more. If I don’t see one in about 15 seconds. We’re gonna wrap things up here. 321 All right. Looks like we looks like we stunned everybody. With with your brilliance. Steve. Just a reminder friends over let’s see. Dave has raised his hand. Let’s just want to click allow him to talk. So Dave, if you want to unmute your microphone, you can ask a question.


Steve Kunkel  54:49

I just wanted to say thank you, Mark. Really appreciate that you came out of the wilderness to speak to us today.


John Fulwider  54:56

Yeah. And Dave. Dave is in a peer group himself. One I’m especially fond of, it’s the pipeline entrepreneurial fellowship, which is a fellowship of about what Dave well over 100 high growth, entrepreneurs from Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri. Tremendous peer feedback that they get. They also have when you join the program, a one year fellowship with four intense modules that really help you tune up your business during the startup phase. All right, so with that, we will go ahead and conclude, Steve, thank you so much, you guys. coming in today to tell us about membership in iOS, Nebraska. Enjoy the rest of your time together with your family, the rest of you who are still on the line. As promised I’ll give a brief summary of eo s if you’re interested in sticking around for that. So So thanks, Steve, go ahead and sign off. And then all I’ll do that EOS summary.


Steve Kunkel  56:05

I appreciate everybody. Thank you very much. I’ll be sending some information out, john,


John Fulwider  56:10

everyone. Absolutely.


Steve Kunkel  56:12

Great. Thank you. Have a great day. All right, bye now.


John Fulwider  56:16

Okay, hey, for those of you who are still on the call and want a brief summary of EOS, this will take about four or five minutes. So, EOS is the entrepreneurial operating system. And what this is, is a complete and proven system with simple practical tools that are designed to get you the business owner, everything that you want from your business. And one of the things that people find when they’re running a business is that there’s 136 things flying at you from up left down fourth backwards diagonal man. There are wastebasket fires right outside the office door. There’s dumpster fires in the parking Lot smoke gets in your eyes, you can’t see the forest for the trees, entrepreneurship and owning a business is just wild and crazy. And so what we have found is that to the extent you will manage to and strengthen just six key components of your business, shown here on this slide. No man that just tends to calm everything down and let you get a grip on your business. So you’re running it, rather than it’s running you. And so what I do is I take a journey with all of my clients to solve their issues at the root by strengthening these six key components. What I’m gonna do is take a quick spin around the model and describe to you what your company looks and feels like at the end of our journey together. So we work together to strengthen your vision component, which means getting all of your people all on the same page. With where you’re going, and how you plan to get there, not only that, but all of your people 100% of them know their role in executing on your plan and vision and they want to accomplish it for you. strengthening the people component means to finding great people uniquely for your company getting the right people in the right seats, because you can’t execute on that vision without great people. Ultimately, this is surrounding yourself with people who kick your tires and light your fires, right? The reality of business is that we’re going to spend more time with our co workers than we spend with our family. So why in the world? Would we settle for anything less than the best? Why would we settle for drama and politics and you know, people who just aren’t great fits, we’re going to fix that problem for you. We’re going to strengthen the data component which means running your company on good hard solid facts and figures rapidly than the guesses, egos and assumptions that rule the day of so many fast growing businesses, ultimately giving you such an absolute pulse on the health of your business that you can wait for it. take a vacation, right? shortly into our iOS journey together Dave app from app Foundation Repair took a two week disconnected Cabo vacation because he had an absolute pulse on the health of his business. He had the right people in the right seats. Okay. Once we’ve strengthened vision, people and data if you can imagine that your company becomes much more open, honest, lucid, transparent to the point where issues there in the lower left, things that are holding back points of friction difficulty stuff taking us off people taking us off, man, we just get really good at talking about those things in the open, putting him on an issues list, setting them up, knocking them down and making them go away. For Ever, rather than doing what most people in business do, which is wrapped up in duct tape and baling wire, stick them in the corner hope that they don’t explode. And by the way, they always do two more components, we’re strengthening the process component, which means getting your secret sauce, your unique way of business, simplified document and followed by all so everybody from the 20 year employee to the brand new person just coming in, does it your way the right way each and every time. This is what’s going to give you predictability, profitability, ultimately scalability to any size you desired. And then finally, we’re starting to seeing the traction component, which means bringing that vision down to the ground and executing on it week in week out with discipline and real accountability. It’s no mistake friends that the EOS model looks like a wheel with vision at the top and traction above. Bottom because what we like to say is that vision without traction is hallucination. If you try to achieve one without the other, you’re just going to do what most business owners do, which is okay. So they’re working 70 hours a week already, and they’re frustrated. They’re not getting what they want from their business. So they what they do is they say, I just must be me, I’m not working hard enough. So they press harder on the gas pedal work 80 hours a week, but they don’t have traction. So what they end up doing is spinning their wheels, throwing up a bunch of mud, frustrating themselves and others and friends. That’s not what I want from my friends, building great companies, for great customers with great employees in the greatest state in the Union, Nebraska. So that’s why I’m glad that you stuck around to hear me talk about traction and Eos. Real quick. Everything that I’ve told you is described in a series of five books. Written by real life entrepreneurs for real life entrepreneurs, if you want a copy of any of these books, just ask the healthy to happy, healthy, healthy and happy to help you by sharing them. Last reminder, June 26, we’re talking integrators with the search firm that place EOS worldwide integrator, July 10. We’re talking using improvisational comedy skills to improve your business communication and selling skills. That’s July 10. And finally, on John Fulwider, this has been focused Friday. Thanks so much for being here. Go forth and have a restful weekend. Have a great day everyone.