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Business Owner Peer Groups with Steve Kunkel

If you own a business, you need to be in a peer group for your happiness and mental health.You need to regularly get perspective from people who have also thrown up Thursday night because they couldn’t make payroll Friday morning. There’s just no substitute for the...

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Six Fixes to Get More Sales

Here’s the replay video and transcript from Rob Copenhaver’s May 29, 2020 Zoominar.Sales is not magic. Success is determined by following a best practice process delivered by skilled salespeople operating within an infrastructure that supports and promotes their...

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I Know Nothing About Your Industry

What do I know about my client EyeCare Specialties’ work: Providing the best eye exams, eyeglasses, and contact lenses available in Lincoln? Not much. I wear glasses, but I’m neither a doctor of optometry, nor a trained optician. I’m a doctor of Traction, if you will, and a trained facilitator, teacher, and coach.

The EyeCare Specialties leadership team has the industry expertise to answer all their own questions—trust me. (I can’t believe I get to work with such smart, passionate people!) As a facilitator, I know the answer’s in the room, all the time. My job’s just to get it out of people’s heads and into the plan, so they can go execute.

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Use EOS to Break Through Growth Ceilings and Get Traction

So you’ve hit the ceiling.

Your business was growing, and then it stopped. You’re scratching your head trying to figure out what happened. (Or maybe holding an ice pack on your head, because hitting the ceiling hurt.)

This is an epically long article to help you diagnose the problem, fix it, and start growing again. The fixes are simple, but they’re not easy. They take discipline and commitment.

Only entrepreneurs who fear the status quo more than growth read past this point.

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Get Great People and Results with Cake, Not with Icing

Get Great People and Results with Cake, Not with Icing

You need these three layers to perpetuate your Core Values and build your culture:

  1. Hire every single person on Core Values
  2. Review based on Core Values
  3. Give a Quarterly State of the Company speech

You can bake these three layers into your company (see what I did there?) even if you’ve burned every real cake you’ve ever made. Here’s how.

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Business Owners Delegate, Even After Disaster

Even after the moon blows up, business owners still need to delegate.

Stick with me here, it’s worth it for a rip-roaring read recommendation and a core principle for your business success.

In Seveneves, the moon blows up in the first sentence. Humanity has about two years to evacuate the planet before a meteorite rain ignites the atmosphere and melts the surface. Humanity survives dodging the moon’s core and other bits big and small, and rebuilds civilization enough to support … wait for it … a bar.

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