Cigar Lounge and Cocktail Bar

Revenue: Increased during a pandemic lockdown that shuttered many hospitality businesses.

Profit: Increased—see above.


  • Achieved self-managing business six months after founding—meaning the two co-founders don’t need to be involved in the day-to-day, because they put people and processes in place.
  • The only Alec Bradley-branded cigar lounge in the United States. No other U.S. lounge meets Alec Bradley’s quality standards.
  • Building an even bigger and better second lounge in a larger city.

“If you are in growth mode, John Fulwider is for you.”—Tony Goins, co-founder. Tony is also Director of the Nebraska Department of Economic Development.

“Trying to implement a business operating system without a guide is like trying to be a doctor without getting a medical degree. You cannot practice this discipline without going through the training. You just can’t do it.” 

“I really think the transparency around our conversations was really good. I respect we can have those conversations, a lot of partners can’t.”

Tony Goins

Co-Founder, Capital Cigar Lounge