Software Development

Revenue: $0 to $3 million in six months

Profit: Increased 68% in one year


  • Fastest award of an SBIR grant in the program’s history
  • Nominated for a federal contractor award in the first year of business

“We would not be where we are today without the structure John gave us.”—Mailani Veney, founder and CEO

“Awesome to see the team working together, challenging each other, and collaborating in a healthy and respectful manner. You did a masterful job leading, setting the boundaries on Accountability Chart and our major project this quarter.” -Mailani Veney

“John’s the maestro at getting it out of our heads and helping us prioritize.”—Mailani Veney

“By setting a number of different overlapping Scorecard items, Rocks, weekly meetings, in combination, we are working on the right things to move our company forward.” -Mailani Veney

Mailani Veney

Founder and CEO, Kana Systems

“Another great session. Really amped about our Rocks, more so than ever before. I’ve never seen our team collaborate this way, challenge each other, push us forward.”-Christopher Burma

Christopher Burma,

Vice President of Government Business, Kana Systems