Manufactures the nation’s leading dry fertilizer application system

Revenue: Increased 7% in 2020, 58% in 2021; on track to increase 33% in 2022

“Running on a business operating system makes us more attentive to details and quicker to react.” Anthony Montag

“I firmly believe we would not have survived the current realities if we had not come together as a team and worked the realities every week.”

“There are lots of fabulous business books. Without a coach it’s just a fabulous business book like all the others. You need a coach to hold you accountable.”

“You can’t self-implement a business operating system. It’s like a football game. You can play the game without a coach, but if you want to play the game well and to the team’s fullest potential you need a great coach. Besides, if self-implementing worked well, wouldn’t you already be where you wanted to be at with your business?”

2021 was an extremely good year filled with an immense amount of challenges. As a team we faced those challenges early, honestly, and well. Dealers told us we’re the best company for how we deal with the issues that come up.”

“John really helps us focus on not getting lost in the weeds outside our core business focus.”

Anthony Montag

Vice President, Montag Manufacturing

“The whole process of coming up with our what and our why was very impressive to me. In the past we haven’t had a fine-tuned idea of our why and our what.” -William Montag

William Montag

Head of Marketing, Montag Manufacturing

“The strength of a business operating system is clear. It shines a bright light on your strengths and weaknesses.” –Rebecca Montag

Rebecca Montag

Operations Manager, Integrator, Montag Manufacturing