Software Development


  • Sold the company to Siemens, the global technology company.
  • Leandro and Carissa Castro are now building Logica, a visual, collaborative financial modeling platform

“Implementing a business operating system is much more intense than I expected, and I couldn’t imagine doing it without John. We have been growing significantly. I feel like we’re on a rocket ship.”Leandro Castro, CEO

“It sucks but it’s good. Definitely a lot of things we’ve never talked about before. This is the most we’ve ever worked on the business together, we’ve never done this as a team.”

“When you read the long-term vision out loud, it gave me chills. I appreciate the flexibility; you were very adaptable. It helped us get where we needed to get.”—Carissa Castro, Integrator

“We would have hit a brick wall. It absolutely came at the right time. You’re what we needed.”


Leandro & Carissa Castro

CEO and Integrator, MultiMechanics