Premier agricultural building contractor in South Dakota and Nebraska

Time: “Since I’ve engaged with John, now we’re talking about more than one business. After the brain exercises he’s given me, all of a sudden there is more time. John can show you that there are things you may not want to do in your business. There is someone who can do those things for you.”—Tyler Samuelson, founder and CEO

“I’m always excited about coming down here and what we leave with!” –Jerad Hutchens

“A lot of work with a big climb ahead of us, but all (including myself) feel we are headed in the right direction. Thanks for facilitating. You and pinnacle have done wonders for our business and us as individuals.”

Jerad Hutchens

Vice President, Summit Contracting

“I have lots of ideas and decisions. Sometimes I need a sounding board.” –John Southwick

John Southwick

Vice President, Summit Contracting